run made from pallets

I watched this video just yesterday on youtube.

Nice idea but, poor and dangerous implementation. If you watch he tries to cut the pallets on the table saw by running it in backwards and actually almost knocks the table saw over and by an inch or so almost runs his fingers through the table saw. He then puts it together
with air compressed staples and has his hands behind the boards .

It's also here too where someone mentioned the person that sold him power tools should be brought up on charges.
i think i will delete it cant delete it so dont use the saw like he is or the nail gun either
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Yeah he's got a very good idea but, just be careful with your power tools.
He could have bought real lumber for the amount of money he spent buying/renting those tools.
I built an 8 x 8' coop with a regular hammer and a screwdriver.
I admit, it never occurred to me to make a nice sideways video of me building it.

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