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    Jan 23, 2010
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    My run is on an incline. It's covered, the floor is now packed dirt, and it has a hardware cloth apron. The chickens love to dig around the posts and along the sides. When it rains hard a "river runs through it". On the lower side, the water pools up. I need to do something to try and stop the water flow, fill in the holes around the posts, and provide drainage. I've thought about using sand and drilling some water escape holes in the 2x4 along the lower side but am not at all sure this will help. Has anyone made tiered areas successfully in their run or come up with another idea that worked?
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    Jul 21, 2011
    Can you stop the water on the high end? Without seeing pics: I would say, bury a french drain at the top. There are grates that can be buried with french drain attached for lots of water. All this, at Lowes $25 or less.
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    Nope. However, one idea (after filling in around your posts) would be to frame in along the bottom with 2 x 6s or 2 x 8s and go the rock/sand route (smallish rock bottom inch or two and several inches of sand). Of course this may depend on if you have a steep slope, or a fairly gradual one. If you're having serious drainage issues, maybe bury some corrug. drainage pipe through the worse area before adding rock/sand.

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