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    Jan 24, 2016
    Now that my coop is pretty much done I am ready to start on my run. My coop is 8 foot wide across the front with 7 foot walls. My plans are to have my run 6 foot tall so the run can join up against my coop under the overhang. I plan on making it either 8'x16 foot or I might go on out to 24 foot since it wont be much more expense.

    I am considering using something like this:

    My thought was to drive two in the ground right at the corner of the coop then install them every 8 foot with a treated 4x4x6 in them. Then I would have a bottom board and a top board. Since it is only 6 foot I am not sure if I will need a board running doe the middle or not. I will also run some 2x4's across the run for support and to attach the HC to.

    I have a couple of questions. They make these in 24 inch like above and they also have some that are 30 inches but they are $5.00 more each. There is a possibility in the future that I might build some rafter and put a roof over part of the run. It would be lightweight either metal or the plastic roofing panels. Do you guys think these will work for this run? I was trying to avoid digging all those holes and burying posts. Curious on your thoughts.

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