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    I need a little help I am not sure how to attach the chicken wire to the frame of my run or better yet I am not sure if I should over lap the 2x4's or but the ends so it is flush .
    If possible can you guys post some pictures showing what you did .

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  2. Many of us are using 1/2" mason wire (hardware cloth) to exclude predators. I'll put in a copy of what we're doing now, and you should check the coops in the sticky at the start of this section. Oh and we're burying the same mesh 1-2' deep around the base.

    You can use a staple gun, be sure to get 1/2" staples and it's wise to lay a thin strip of wood over the seams to secure them. Another tip I r4eceived was to buy a box of piggie nose rings at the hardware store to marry seams to each other. We're getting some tomorrow.

    Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see details. It's a lot of work, but we're trying HARD to keep the predators out.'s_Run
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    Well, chickenwire (the hexagonal mesh stuff with relatively thin wires) will keep your chickens in but will not keep any serious predators *out* (raccoons, foxes, dogs, coyotes).

    While you are going to all the trouble of making the run in the first place, I would suggest saving yourself the labor of doing the whole darn thing over again after you lose some or all of your chickens to a predator -- use 2x4" or smaller mesh right from the start.

    (If you use anything larger than 1x1" mesh, it would be wise to run hardware cloth or at least chickenwire around the bottom 2-3' of the fence as extra insurance against things reaching thru... although if your chickens will always be locked up in the coop by dusk this is less of an issue). (Also, some kind of skirt or buried section is wise defense against digging predators).

    There are three common ways to attach wire to a run. In approximate descending order of strength:

    1) Screw wood battens (1x3+, or even 2x4s) down so that you are screwing thru the mesh and into the wood frame. Or

    2) Screws with fender washers (this only works well for 1x2 or smaller mesh). Or

    3) Fence staples -- not the kind you use a staplegun for, but the kind you hammer in. They are very very aggravating to work with, btw.

    Hope this helps some,


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