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    Apr 5, 2009
    What would be a good size of a run for say about 20+ chickens? I have a coop that is going to be 10x12 with two openings on each side for two runs. It seems like my chickens like outside better than a warm coop, so I want to make the run nice and special. [​IMG]
    Is 10x12 big enough for this amount of chickens? We only have about 12 right now, but I have chicken fever, and you know what that means! [​IMG]

    ETA: How many windows need to be on a 10x12 sized coop?
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    I have 24 chickies a 21x14 run. It is too small.

    As big as you can go is best, unless you can free range them like I do. Mine can't wait to get out when I get home. I think chickens get bored in one place all day.[​IMG]

    As far as windows, I'd put in at least two.

    Good luck
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    Apr 5, 2009
    Thank you for your feedback. [​IMG]
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    To give 20 chickens 10 sq ft of run apiece, you'd want a run 10x20' (or the equivalent area in any other shape). Bigger is always better of course, insofar as you can still afford to make it sufficiently predatorproof.

    A 10x12 coop is 120 sq ft, divided by 20 chickens is 6 square feet per chickens which is a nice comfortable amount of space for them. I wouldn't personally be putting more than that in there, but a lot of people *would*, and they would most likely survive fine, although they would enjoy it better with fewer chickens and thus more room.

    How many windows is up to you, as long as there's enough for good light in there. Depends also on what other provisions you have for ventilation. I'd suggest making the top 6-12" of each of at least two sides of the coop into ventilation openings (coverable with flaps or sliders), but you'd want more ventilation than that in summer, either in the form of ample amounts of predator-screened windows or in the form of pieces of wall that are removeable for the summer to have just a hardwarecloth-screened opening.

    Good luck, have fun,


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