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Mar 21, 2018
Hi all just curious to see opinions. I have a 48 square foot run and coop. How many ducks do you think I am comfortably have in there ? Keep in mind they may not be able to leave the pen. Thanks !
Is it 48 square feet of run plus separate coop space? How big is the coop? How big is the run (not counting the coop)? I have a feeling my answer is likely the same as @Chickiemom25 because once you add a pool, a water bucket, a feed dish, maybe a step or platform to get in the pool, maybe another bowl for treats or oyster shell or something, You find there's not a ton of space left. I'm going with maybe 3 ducks, and make sure they are all the same sex.
Okay so in detail there run is 6 by 8 and there coop is 2.5 by 3. Small pond that is 2 by 2....I was thinking 3.... a friend of mine has ducks but they are nervous ducks so I would like to eventually train them to be able to leave the run for a bit and stretch there legs more.
This all sounds great! I think you can make it work, though the house is on the small side, depending what kind of ducks. I wouldn't do more than those three in there. Bring those duckies home! If the run is secure the ducks will spend most of their time outside anyway, especially if you can make some sort of wind block and shaded area for them separate from the house.
You don't have to have a pool, but a source of water for them deep enough to stick their nares in. I have seen where duck runs have a heavy black rubber water dish for them to splash around in. I do have a pool, but it won't be a permanent fixture in the run, just something I might drag out once in awhile for them to have a pool party. ;)

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