Runner duck cant stand or tuck legs


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Aug 23, 2011
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Poor Phineas, we think she injured her hips coming out of the chicken coop where my son found her laying in the mud on her tummy. Both her legs go back behind her and she cant tuck them under her or stand on them. She is resting in a warm cozy crate in the house with food, water, and a towel to prop her up. I hope our baby girl makes it. She was our first duck. Please help if you have any ideas

I am so sorry to hear about your Phineas...I was looking for other posts about injured ducks because we also have an injured duck (Hoppy) who we have separated in a warm dry spot in the barn...she has swelling and redness in her right leg. She got run over in a "duck stampede" through the enclosure door one morning.

What ever advice anyone has for Phineas and Hoppy I would be grateful for. Can ducks have an anit-inflammatory? I am a nurse. I know what I would do for a human sprain/injury...but for a duck? Not really sure....

Thanks in advance...

I'm sorry to hear about your poor babies injuries. Here's what I usually do when I have an injured bird.... First and foremost, I separate it from the group. That alone can work wonders as the other ducks don't really "care" that their feathered friend is injured or not feeling well. Most of the time, unless it's really really mild, which in this case it doesn't sound like it is, I not only separate it, but I bring the injured bird inside the house so I can keep a close eye on it. I have several large dog crates that work wonderfully in times like these. That way you can keep up with and know for sure how much food and water your little duck is getting. So now that you've provided a soft warm bed, away from grumpy duck friends...give a little extra boost with some VetRx or another vitamin supplement to help be sure it's getting a little boost to the immune system. Give the little guy some fruits and veggies if he'll eat them too. In almost every case, any time I've had an injured bird, they are usually back to their old selves in about a week or so. I had one little duck that was attacked by a wandering dog and I thought for sure she wouldn't make it. She couldn't walk and she had a hole in her side where he literally bit into her. I brought her in, cleaned and treated the wound, kept her dry and quiet, gave her vitamins and plenty of fresh food and water, and within about a week and a half, she was ready to go out with the other ducks. Not too long ago, I had a chicken that got behind a cage I had outside. She had gotten back there to lay an egg but when trying to get out, she somehow wedged herself in and was stuck in a horribly awkward position. I didn't realize she was back there till the following morning so by this time, she had literally lost all feeling in her right foot. I thought FOR SURE she was going to have to be put down and for a little over a week, I got even more sure because there seemed to be no improvement. It was about two weeks into keeping her inside and giving her antibiotics that she suddenly just stood up and decided she was going to walk again! I would take her out daily for fresh air and sunshine and she got a lot of TLC but thank God I waited and didn't put her down! To see her now, you'd never know that she was in such bad shape that she couldn't walk. She still has a bit of a limp, but she's ALIVE and she's happy! I'm no expert by any means, but I would bet that your little duck will be just fine after a few days of rest, relaxation, and some good ol' fashioned TLC! Hope this helps!
There are a number of possible reasons for the injury, including drakes or egg binding.

I would bring the duck in for a lukewarm bath in water deep enough to float in, and do that at least twice a day. Also, I would put an Epsom salts compress around the upper part of the legs. Epsom salts draws out toxins and can reduce swelling. But don't let the duck eat or drink it, it is a laxative.

Keep the duck in a clean, quiet safe place.

Poultry vitamins with electrolytes and probiotics are also helpful to the duck's general health.

If the duck is of laying age, it could be egg binding. I would also be sure to get some oyster shell available, if not already. You can get calcium gluconate and put some of that in the water, too. I don't recall the proportions so you would need to look that up.

And please tell us anything else you can think of, how she is doing, anything else you noticed, how many and what kind of birds are in the flock.
When I came out she was on her chest with one leg out behind her and one under her. I picked her up and she started "running" a little. She is now standing up but in obvious discomfort. Our vet tech saw my post and said metacam, vitamin e, and steroids. She lays an egg daily but nothing today but I'm sure the stress is the reason. She is not eating her pellets, only drinking which is now becoming worrysome. She can not lay back down. I am planning on putting her in a warm bath today to see how she does.
MIne is still very young...4 months I would say. My ducks (13 of them) are not laying yet. I saw that she got run over by her sisters..and then she was limping. And now she has swelling and redness. I do have the electrolytes to give her...I am not sure if the vet we take our dogs to sees fowl...I may call on Monday if she is not better. A steroid would help I'm sure.

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