Runner Duck colors, Do they breed true ?


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I'm just wondering if runner ducks breed true to color. Meaning if I have two black and white pied ducks and breed to a black and white drake will all of the ducklings be pied black and white or can I get other colors?
I know with muskovies (sp) they pop out all different colors.

I would like to keep with a black and white theme, although I'd still keep whatever colors pop out.

I just need to find a black and white pied drake or even just a black drake if that would work too.
I think there may always be a chance with anything but grey. I bred my Penciled Runners last year (Holderreads SQ) and got a white one!. Some colors are probably more stable than others. I'd have to go read the color section again, and even then may only understand part
Do you have pictures of your black and white pieds? Black in itsself will breed true, but I'm not sure what you mean by pied, since it's not a term usually used in malard derivative ducks.

If you mean "bibbed", then the answer is "maybe". It depends on whether it is the dominant or recessive bib gene. Most likely it is the dominant one, in which case they may produce solid black offspring, or bibbed ones.

If there are hidden recessive genes (ie. buff, brown, white), then other colors could pop up.

I have pictures I can try to upload but my computer is not recognizing my card reader at times so it may take a bit. They may not be the best pictures either but I can try to get more when the sun decides to come out one of these days.

ok I had one picture that shows them from the front. I guess they would be bibbed hey?
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Yes, I would say those are most likely bibbed. Are they maybe black swedish, and not runners? It's sort of hard to tell from the picture.
Yes, I would say those are most likely bibbed. Are they maybe black swedish, and not runners? It's sort of hard to tell from the picture.
Nope all I have in the pen is Runners and a pair of Roens and I hatched out about 20 and they were all runners. Got several different colors. Three were like these black and whites but I lost one over the winter.
They aren't standing upright in the picture. I will try to get better ones or see if I have any others that will show them better.
The one I lost of course was a male. These two are females. I really would like to get more black and whites. Wonder if I picked up a black male someplace I might be able to get some more blacks or blacks and whites. Even if it would just increase the odds. These two are not housed with the others which are older because I gave away the others I hatched to my farrier. I only kept the three because I liked the black and white.
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