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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Jen1979, Nov 25, 2014.

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    We have 4 Runners - 1 male, 3 females. They are 4 months old and one just started laying 6 days ago :) For the first three days she laid every morning in their duck house. I put some new straw in there for them (thought I was doing the right thing!), then for the next 3 days there was no eggs. I didn't think much of it but did wonder if she had laid somewhere else. Today when I was cleaning out their big duck pool I discovered two eggs at the bottom!

    So, that solved the mystery of whether she was still laying, but is there anything I can do to encourage her not to lay her eggs in the water? I think it's only one duck laying so far - she's quite a bit bigger than the other two girls so I assume it's probably just her at the moment.

    I also assume we shouldn't eat those eggs I found in the pool? I guess the protective coating would have washed off and they've been sitting in dirty duck water.. Best to give those ones to the dogs to enjoy?
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    I would compost the eggs that have been sitting in the water. (We don't have dogs, but I'm not sure that if I would not eat them, if I would give them to anybody else either - but that's just thinking out loud).

    Congratulations on having Runners!!! Aren't they wonderful?

    You could maybe let them out a little later to keep her away from the pool before she lays, I suppose, if that would work with your setup.
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    Thanks Amiga :) Yes they are just gorgeous! I am so in love with them. They are so funny, I could watch them all day :)

    Their pool is actually in their night pen unfortunately, so they have access to it first thing before I let them out to free range in the day! She dug a hole in the dirt and laid an egg there yesterday and then went back to laying in the straw this morning, so hoping she's got the idea again! I won't be touching any of her self made nests again! :D
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    The best thing you can do is to convince them to lay in what they think is a safe spot. If I move the hay too much in their house or get them new straw or if i do not leave at least 2 eggs for them they will move their nest... i have had my ducks actually move the remaining eggs 80 feet across my yard just because they were trying to protect them. you can also find rocks that are about the same size as an egg to put in there so she still thinks she has eggs. I have also heard of people using plastic eggs for their chickens but it doesn't work as well with ducks because they are not heavy enough so they are not fooled as easily.
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    Oh thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I'll see if I can find some egg shaped rocks. We have the plastic eggs for our chickens and they have some sand in them but they're probably still not heavy enough.

    I'm removing the eggs every day. Maybe I should leave them for a day or so to get her used to laying there?
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    Oh actually, I've just found an online poultry place here in Australia that sells ceramic eggs, chicken and goose size - they might be a more convincing weight! They don't have duck ones though. Would I be better off with the chicken or goose size do you think?

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