runner ducks

Noisy (very much)
great layers
really fun to watch
can be very friendly to owner but depends on how they are raised, hatching yourself helps a lot. Can be skittish as well
Lots of eggs, lots of personality, noisy but not all the time (much quieter than my geese, at any rate) and it's a pleasant sound. Adorable and amusing. Fast & energetic, so they can be skittish, but will follow you around if you handle them a lot and let them come to you (no chasing--it just startles them and makes them more skittish). They like treats.
Mine are around 8 weeks old. They don't like to be picked up, but once they are picked up they love to be petted and snuggle up. They are a little noisy when I go out to feed them, but settle down. They are so much fun to watch, they have such neat personalities. They are neat looking.
yes males are much quieter, and its true they are not loud all the time but have very loud moments and they can make a ruckus when hungry or when mating and laying (at least mine do) I don't mind the sound but my neighbors have asked why they quack in the middle of the night lol I think it is because a predator wakes them up lurking ands they rarely sleep in their coop part preferring the run section instead.

Yes drakes boys) can live in harmony together or you can have a pair but keep an eye on how much loving the hen gets as male Ducks can be randy and over sex them, a good ratio is one drake to 3 hens but I know many people that have a pair and they are fine.

But you can have lots of drakes if you are not interested in eggs but it would be best to get them from the same flock or raise them as young ducklings together.

Where are you located if close I have quiet a few Runner Ducks I am looking to re-home.
ETA opps you are in CA missed that somehow
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I love the personality of my runner ducks. They are always busy, always curious, always funny. They are loud in the morning until they eat. And have some random loudness throughout the day... sounds like they are laughing at a bad joke. They are easy to herd and if you have a routine they will follow you through it.
I love my runners! Rainplace's avatar is actually 3 of my runner ducklings!

They are full of personality, they can be loud when they want your attention---"food", and are tremendously funny to watch. My husband didn't want them at first but I ordered them anyway and now he's in love! They also don't require an aviary which is a plus in some situations. They are easy to herd, once you get one or two going where you want them the rest usually follow.
Yup, you can keep drakes together if there are NO females and if they've been raised together. Add even one female, and they will fight mercilessly, often to the death.

If you want drakes, you can probably find them free or cheap locally. I personally will have some drakes to rehome this winter and probably next Spring as well. I am debating whether to find them pet homes or to process them for the freezer. If I knew there was a good home waiting, I would give them away.

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