runny poop week after stopping corrid


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Mar 8, 2014
hi everyone, a week ago, I stopped treating my chickens with corrid. they were on it for 6 days and now I am a bit paranoid about their poop because I lost one.

all of the chickens are acting normal, they are roaming the yard and playing as they did in the past. for the past 2 mornings when I opened the coop, I noticed that one pile of droppings was kinda runny, I never paid much attention in the past till they were sick. it is nothing like it was when they were sick, it just looks like loose poop. I wasn't sure if it was cecal poop? but, I didn't notice blood. does this sound normal?

they have had apple cider vingar butter milk , and yogurt over the past week.

does it sound like the poop Is normal?
is it recommended to do f/u corrid dose a few weeks after there are no signs/ symptoms?
is there anything else that you would recommend that I do?

thank you for your time.
How old are these birds and what was the dose of Corid you were mixing up? Were you giving buttermilk, acv and yogurt at the same time as the Corid?

I have never had to do a repeat or follow up dose of Corid, once I treat it's taken care of.

You might try stopping the ACV, buttermilk and yogurt, just let them eat their regular feed and see how things look. Sometimes it's easy to overdo all the extra stuff.
23 weeks, acv, yogurt and buttermilk were once doses of corrid stopped, just had regular feed during corrid tx. corrid was mixed with water
So your dose was correct. I'd just keep an eye on them and see how they do, it may just have been cecal poop. But occasionally you might have to treat with something like Sulfadimethoxine (sp?) if the Corid doesn't clear it up.
I would get some regular probiotics for chickens, such as Probios Dispersible Powder or Grow2Max which may be in your local feed store, but are also available online. These may be better than using buttermilk or yogurt since chickens don't digest dairy products very well. Also after a course of Corid, vitamins are necessary as well as the probiotics for several days to help the gut bacteria replace what is lost during coccidiosis. Diarrhea may be common for a bit afterward as things get back to normal. The main thing is if they are active , alert, and eating well.

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