Runny poop


May 30, 2020
Livermore, California
Two of my sex links have runny poops. Dried poop is on their back tail feathers. I checked their vents and they are clean. It just leaves dried drips of poo on the way out. Should I worry, or is this totally normal? I did notice some eggs are a bit dirty when I gather them in the morning, but its very small and nothing I am too grossed out about. I'd like to prevent a problem if this is a sign of something! Thanks!
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If they don't seem unwell in any other way, I bet they are just drinking too much water. Their cloacae are multi-purpose, so if they have more liquid waste than solid, it will be runny.

This happens to my chickens during the summer when they're drinking more water due to heat, or if they have been given a lot of liquidy summer treats recently, like watermelon.

Some chickens just find it fun to peck at the water nipple, and I've had a few hens that would end up pecking and lightly drinking from it all day if I don't give them something else to play with.

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