runny watery poo.


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Aug 29, 2013
I've been treating my chickes for possible mites. Didnt actually see any but their combs look spotty so the lady at tractor supply has me treating them w red earth stuff and antibotics everyother day. They r all laying but one today. Its very hot here. And she has runny poop almost just water. What could cause this?? A mix of everything?? Or is she sick??
To be honest I really dislike the idea of antibiotic's every other day. I don't see that accomplishing anything but wiping out the good bacteria her gut needs and perhaps increasing antibiotic resistance if by chance she does have a bacterial infection going on. Which I doubt based on her symptoms. When antibiotic's are used they should be used at their full strength for whatever the treatment timeline is for the specific drug used.

As Sourland mentioned heat can cause in increased intake of water, it could be as simple as that. Something worth trying would be to add some probiotic's to their water and see if that helps.
Ill stop the antibiotics then. The reason for them was because of the possible mites. I guess. Where do n u get probiotics?
And I didn't get an egg from her today. Shes always layed everyday. She may be getting broody too.
Well. Its 1015 and I just went to chexk on them and she had layed her egg...on the floor. Weird. We cleaned out their coop and put some new roost in. R they too high?? See how the scrunch in the door way.
I can't imagine giving antibiotics only every other day. Nor do I think using red earth(?) will get rid of their mites or an antibiotic.

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