runt pigeon hatched egg!

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    okay so we got these beautiful pair of runts at a sale this fall. The black and white spotted hen turned out to be super broody. I know alot of fokes say not to but we keep fowl all together and it seems to work for us and we haven't had any problems so far and its been 2 years or better. We have different nesting set ups and watering setups ect. for each type.

    Anyway it took her less then a week to decided that a chicken nest box was hers and as soon as an chicken laid a egg in it, it was hers too!

    I went out the other night just to do a little check on everyone before bed since it has been getting cold. And there she is with half a broken egg in front of her. It never occured to me she may of hatched it, I was so disappointed. I figured that someone broke it trying to force their way into the nest. I went to get the shell out and of course she flapped the heck out of me and thats when I heard it peep. Sure enough there was a big stripped yellow EE chick looking right at me. I was so excited I squelled. [​IMG] she hatched her self a little baby.
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    that is so sweet...can you post a pic of it...that is so cute I am sure...
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    That is so cool,
    I wander if it would teach it how to fly, lol
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    Seen that happen before,but remove the chick. Pigeon need to set about 2 weeks to produce the crop milk.

    Two type of bird nesting.
    1. nest leavers( chicks feed themself)
    2.nest stayers(Mother and father feed the young)

    DONT mixes the young from one to the other.

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