Runt possibly from saddle air cell egg..When should I be worried?


Sep 3, 2017
I have 5 four day old Deathlayer chicks which I hatched from shipped eggs. One of the chicks had “pasty butt” on Monday, and by Tuesday I noticed it was smaller and more lethargic than the rest. I gave it a dropperful (1ml) of electrolyte fluid/probiotic and it gulped it down. I’ve been giving it extra fluid at least 4 times a day (Usually about 0.5 ml) Serving all the electrolyte probiotic water clean 2 times a day. Its energy is up, and I see it eating but the weight is still much smaller than its siblings. It weighed 1.38 oz last night and tonight it was only 1.34 Oz. The largest chick weighs 1.8 oz...

One egg had a sever saddle/large air cell... could this be from that egg? The size difference wasn’t immediately noticeable.

Any additional advice?! I love these little fluff balls and don’t want this one to slip away!
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