Rural Oklahoma


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Middle Tennessee
My name is Debra, I live in a small town in rural Oklahoma, no chickens yet, but working to that end as well as a couple of milk goats, and maybe a couple of rabbits. Really looking to get back to basics and as self sufficient as possible, I would like to eventually get a small homestead but for now town it is and I have to work with what I have. Right now my main hurdle is getting my city raised hubby past the issue he has with seeing his future food in the yard every day.
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Thank you!!! My family was very self sufficient when I was growing up and I miss it dearly, being in a city severely limits my options as to how far we can go, but a garden, fruit trees, and a few smaller animals are all within city ordinance so going to do the best I can. Right now I am still in the planning stages, looking for pens and coops that are portable so the animals can be moved for cleaning and rotation to different areas of the yard so no single area is in danger of permanent damage.
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