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I have a 17 month old (7/24/19) Runner duck hen who started laying about 5 months. She suddenly stopped laying back on Aug 6th, just over a year old. A week later I lost my only khaki Campbell duck hen to unknown causes. She was 2 1/2 and a great layer. Strangely both stopped laying a few days apart. My Runner still hasn't laid since. I had 3 drakes at the time (2 1/2 khaki Campbell, his son and a fawn/white Runner (latter 2 and the female Runner are same age) but none tried mounting her nor did she allow them after the khaki Campbell duck hen died.
Even if she was in the pool, she wouldn't allow them in with her, they had to wait til she got out beforegettingin water. She bossed them around and still does. I bought 10 female Runner ducklings (hatched 8/4/20 with 1 being a surprise drake), all are entertaining the drakes but no eggs.

Could the stress of loosing the khaki Campbell duck, her holding off 3 drakes and the ducklings have caused her to stop laying? Also is it common for Runners not to want to be in coop unless eating? My khaki Campbell's slept inside but these Runners don't.
Days are now shorter and colder so you may have to wait for eggs till spring
Yes, the days are shorter and I figured they'll all going to make me wait til spring for eggs. At least I'll be getting eggs as others are raising ducklings. I'm wondering if the loss of my other duck hen didn't affect her as well. She went from 4-5 eggs weekly to none and the weather was still warm. Also she won't allow the drakes near her, she makes them walk ahead of her and they have to wait outside the pool when she bathes.
I recently got my first two eggs from my Runners who were hatched mid June.
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That's great. Mine are free ranged within a large open fenced area. They sleep outside only going in at night to eat. They get Purina Layena pellets or equivalent, if out of stock. Here lately with the snow and now it's melting, turning the pen into a mud pit, I've been putting a pan of layer pellets mixed with cracked corn out after the chickens have gone to roost.

My younger ducks are few months younger than yours so they probably won't be laying til closer to March. A few of the girls have started being selective about which drake they prefer. I've seen same ones move away from one drake but then pursue another of their choice. My youngest drake hasn't had his tail feathers stick up yet but he's always had the very raspy vocals. Whereas my 17 month old Runner drake had his tail feathers stick up at barely 4 months old.

Enjoy those eggs!

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