Sacrafice Priced, Curly-breasted White Sebastopol Gander WA State

Rare Feathers Farm

11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
Pleasant Valley, (Okanogan) WA
My Coop
My Coop
For sale, one male Sebastopol gander. He was hatched in March of 2009. He is friendly and was imprinted at hatching. Curly breasted with some slightly stiff wing feathers, nothing major, though and no twist. He is a nice pet or lower breeder-quality gander. He is sweet and will eat from your hand.

I will consider a trade or partial trade for a curly-breasted female (white) sebastopol.

He is pure Holderread lines.

I DO NOT SHIP. However, I will deliver to the Monroe show.



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