Sad day...:(...not going to do anymore hatching...**PICS ADDED**

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  1. After a long talk with my daughter, we've agreed that she isn't going to have time to spend with building our flock. She's a fulltime college student (starts back next month) and works about 25 hours a week plus has the Army Reserve one weekend a month. She loves them and had hoped there would be time BUT.....Mr. Wonderful came along a few months ago. You all know how that goes! But it's fine...I think the world of him...couldn't want anyone better for her. It wouldn't be so much a problem except I live in a gated community and can't have the chickens here. We keep them at her house and she is the primary caretaker.

    With that said, I have a brooder with 15 three or four week old golden laced and lemon-blue cochins that I need to sell. And I have 34 assorted bantam cochin eggs in the incubator on day 6.
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    Well, as they say, LIFE is what happens when you're making other plans. Just a fork in the road for you, but I know how you must feel, in the middle of having chicks in the brooder, etc.
  3. That's exactly right Speckled...that's what I told her. With life comes changes and our responsibility is to adjust to those changes in the best way we can. She going to keep her original 12 assorted pullets...they should be starting to lay any day and a mottled bantam cochin trio that a friend gave us. She can manage them with no problem...and at least we'll be getting eggs!!
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    Quote:Tears! flow from my eyes! I wish the best! You are there for everyone! I hope you work this out!
    I hope love works it's magic!
    The best of luck to you my friends![​IMG]
  5. Thank you Joe...such a wonderful thing to say! She's a sweetheart..
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    hey oldtimegator would u consider shipping those cochins. let me know. i love cochins but kinda a pain to obtain round here. thanks
  7. Where are you located?
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    Our life is like a book made of many chapters. Seems like a new chapter has opened for you and your daughter. Maybe your daughter and Mr. Right will get married and want more chickens! They have a wonderful person to help them with them!!

  9. I appreciate your words, Jackie. Yes, it's a new chapter...and one that I've waited on since she was born. I've always prayed that God would lead her to just the right young man...and it seems He has been faithful again! He likes the chickens so perhaps you're right.
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    Quote:Wow that is my favorite quote. Never met anyone else who used it before:))

    Sorry to hear about the flock reduction. Hopefully it is only temporary.

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