Sad day yesterday


Apr 21, 2018
Bryan, TX
Yesterday afternoon, my daughter and I went to check on the chickens, do an egg check and give some fresh cold water. My daughter said “mommy the guinea has red on her” and when I looked, I realized she had prolapsed. I took my daughter to my moms and grabbed my SIL who is an animal science major, I had hoped if there was any way to save her, she could help.

In the 5-7 minutes I was gone, she went downhill so fast. By the time we got back, she was already half dead, I’m guessing from blood loss? Anyways, we decided it would be best to put her out of her misery. I was so upset. After she passed, we checked her out and it was so much worse, her intestines were hanging out by almost 8 inches, there would have been no way to save her. I had seen her just 3-4 hours before this and didn’t notice anything wrong.

Anyways.. everyone else is doing ok, but I’m down to 9 guineas now, 5 females and 4 males, everyone still has a mate so nobody seems to be bothered but it’s still so hard to lose a bird. No advice needed, just needed to vent a bit.

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