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Jun 8, 2016
The octagon incubator is working great but I have a week old chick who was spraddle-legged from the start. Nothing else wrong but it can't move around well and isn't improving. I'm considering euthanasia but have never needed to. What's the best way to send this little one to, well the barnyard in the sky?
I use a sharp pair of shears or scissors and lop their heads off. It sounds brutal, but its quick. If you dig your hole first, you don't even have to really see anything.

Good luck, this is one of the hardest part of being a chicken keeper :/

Scissors work quick.
Soak a rag in starting fluid put in a bucket. Put chick in close lid chick will go to sleep and not wake up.
Yeah I tried lethal injection w a strong sedative. Bird is actually slightly better. # puzzled
We did euthanize. We didn't notice the water level in the incubator was low I'm guessing that was the trouble. I generally use old hay as floor in the chick tub so they can get a grip. It's easy to replace and they enjoy playing in it. Presently I have a dozen guinea chicks, nine silver pheasants and four barnyard mix chickens. We are scrambling to get areas ready for the pheasants the guineas will join the free range guineas and chickens. I've had no trouble adding juveniles to my adult flock and my dogs watch them as they follow the sheep foraging. It's nice when all the pieces fit. Don't know what I'm going to do with the pheasants. Husband's project that I'm inheriting lol.

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