Sad Emu female needs help

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  1. bullmama

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    Apr 27, 2017
    Tucson, Arizona
    We just accrued a beautiful but sad female Emu. She was just pacing the property at her previous home. She has multiple wounds and is missing a lot of feathers.

    I have a ton of experience with many animals, but none with Emus so I was hoping to hear your thoughts. We suspect that she may have mites because she seems itchy. She loves her neck rubbed and seems to try to rub on the fence. I treated her wounds with Betadine and some antibiotic spray and antibiotic ointment .





    I use diamatacious earth around my chicken coop and sprinkle some in their favorite dust spots in the yard, I did ask him what he dusts the Emul with and he said he's never dusted her with anything!

    So I guess my first question would be can emus get mites or lice? We don't have a name for her yet because she just got here about an hour ago.

    By the way I absolutely love this form I have not joined it yet but it is my go to place for any chicken questions !
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    Welcome! Mary
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    Nov 9, 2013
    I look forward to an answer to this question. The wild birds here neeeeeeeeeeever stop scratching themselves.

    This chick seems to be black head -- but should have toosh feathers. Whoa! This bird is adult?! How tall is it, bullmama?

    Let's have regular reports and photos. This bird should be healed and happy in a few months.

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  4. birdmanmax

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    Dec 27, 2016
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    You are doing great. Fist priority get those wounds healed up! Then worry about mites and lice. But if you do suspect any insects of the such just part some of her feathers in a few different spots and look real hard for anything moving around on her skin if the bugs are of any real concern you should be able to see some.
  5. birdeo

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    Apr 11, 2013
    yep, get those wounds healed up first and foremost.
    I find spray granulex does an amazing job on them and emus actually can heal up amazingly well for the most part, guess it's all that emu oil in them.
    That wound on the back right leg looks the worst, best I can tell.
    Also, keep an eye on it's feet, see if either start doing an outward turn & keep very close eye on how it walks. Injuries to the legs & where they are like that can lead to splay leg/tibiotarsal rotations.
    I'd be adding vitamins and electrolytes, along with some probiotics to it's water also now for a few weeks...can only help.

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