Sad morning...


10 Years
Aug 4, 2009
Leicester, NC
One of my three original girls, Houdini, was missing this morning. I had thought all three of them were in the coop when I closed up last night, but apparently she wasn't. When I went to let the girls out this morning, only her two sisters were in there. After a walk around the house and through the barns, I found her. She apparently had climbed up on one of the tractors in the shed and gotten her head stuck trying to get down and strangled herself. Her neck was definitely broken, so I hope it was quick and she didn't struggle much. She was definitely our most rambuncious, curious, crazy chicken, always into everything, so it doesn't really surprise me that she went out this way. RIP Houdini, you were one wonderful, silly chicken.

The thing that's killing me right now, her other two sisters are wondering aimlessly in the front yard calling and calling for her. They are usually very, very quiet chickens, she was definitely the loudmouth, so its really tugging at my heart strings.
Oh, so sorry to hear that. You know, I also had three little chicks to start. They were Golden Buff hybrids that I picked up from a hatchery. I named them after flowers....Lily, Daisy and Violet. They were really special being my first babies. Violet was taken by a hawk, and I cried. My 15 year old son Joe also cried. Very sad moment for us. I'll never forget her. Lily and Daisy were lost for a few days, just like yours.

Time does heal. You know what helped me? I bought four more chicks to replace her about a month later. So I know how you are feeling and can only say hang in there......

Hugs to you,
I am sorry for your loss, I know it must be hard. Remember there are lots of birds who would love to have Houdini's life even for a short time than to be trapped in a cage the way some are. I'm certain she was glad for her life. You can honor her memory by being thankful for being blessed to have her. Feel better soon.

All the best

Thanks guys, I can always count on BYC folks for chicken support. My chickenless friends and family just don't understand. She had a great life, started out on a gorgeous farm in TN, was the first chicken I ever held, her and her two sisters came to live with me in the city and then we moved out to a farm in November where her and her sisters had all the space they wanted to play outside all day.

Here she is just a couple weeks after I first got her, she's the one on the left.

And Houdini trying out for the part of the abominable snow chicken...
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So sorry for your loss.
The others will miss her for a few days. When the dog killed most of my girls, the survivors were calling to them for about a week.
I'm so sorry you lost your Houdini. She sounds like she was a real character, and enjoyed the life you gave her a great deal.

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