saddle + a bonnet ?

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    Mar 10, 2010
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    I have 12 Buckeye hens and a rooster, 10 months old. 2 of the girls are his favorites because they have no feathers above their tails. So I have ordered some saddles for them. One gal is bald, also. I assume from the same reason, so is there a bonnet for this ? I have put blu-kote on her head but she hasn't regrown the feathers.She seems happy & healthy otherwise, it just looks terrible.
    Thanks, mrkep
  2. Miss Lydia

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    she probably won't grow her feathers back till she molts. one of my bantams got scalped by a roo last year and she didn't get her feathers back till she molted, but good for you in getting those saddles, will keep their skin from getting raw on their backs and blue -kote will help to heal.
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    I prefer to call them "shawls" because it's a much more lady-like name for the things. And I've often thought a bonnet should go along with it for the gals who haven't learned to keep their heads down when their man is busy with his business.

    But I just can't see one staying on a hen's head long enough to protect it.

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