Saddle patterns?


10 Years
Jan 4, 2010
Bolivia N.C
I've got two hens who are in need of saddles. One had been injured by a hen and is in isolation. When I let her out with the rest of the flock to free range, my rooster mounts her so much it always re-opens her wounds, AND she's gonna be in a book trailer I have to do for a class and I dont want her back painted purple for it
not that hippie tie-die with smily faces is much better but you see what I mean. The other is a shy little girl and the rooster's favorate she's lossing all her pretty back feathers. So I've got my fabric but I just need a pattern. Can any of you help me? Thanks in advance
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I actually made some for my girls a few years ago. They're VERY easy - I just cut rectangles out of an old pair of jeans, then cut two small holes for the wings. They lasted well (still have them), and no sewing required! They're not as cute as a lot of purchased ones, but they definitely did the job.

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