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    Jul 4, 2013
    I'm planning to grow grass in small sections in the area where my birds free range. We are planning to fence off each area, but knowing our birds, they may get creative and find their way in the area and eat a little before we scoot them out. I want to buy grass seed that will not harm them in case they ingest some. I believe I should look for untreated seed, but not certain, and not sure what to look for beyond that. Any help is appreciated. Also willing to buy online if anyone has recommendations.

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    My recommendation based on almost no knowledge of the subject is to find a local seed and grain shop :) my second recommendation would be to consider other ground covers if it's an area you can live with not having grass in, to give them some more variety and give your lawn a little depth, but that's not for everyone :)
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    Untreated seed for sure, and realize that you can have a lovely lawn, or chickens, so plan that way. Mulch? Other ground covers? Mint and other herbs? Mary

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