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Aug 6, 2010
Ludowici, GA.
Wondering if any of y'all worm your chickens with SAFE GUARD DEWORMER (Fenbendazole) . And if so how many days and at what dose? Do you mix it with water or use a syringe and worm each chicken orally? From what I read there is not an egg withdrawal period, is that correct? Normally use I Wazine but can no longer purchase it where I live.
Here is one link to a Safe Guard dosage thread. if you will look at the top of your page, you will see a search icon (magnifing glass). Click on it, type "wormer" into the search field. There aren't a while lot of threads with safe guard in the title, but there are lots with wormer in the title that mention safe guard.
Good luck!
Safeguard has to be given orally, it will settle out if mixed in water. There is a form that can be mixed in water, it's called Safeguard Aquasol, and it's really expensive. Most use Safeguard liquid goat wormer, it has to be given orally with a syringe. There is one method of worming with it that does not require egg withdrawal, that method is explained here:
For regular oral dosing it depends on what worms you are dealing with. For roundworms only you can dose once, and then repeat in 10 days. For capillary or gape worms you would need to dose 5 days in a row. Dose is .23ml per pound of bird weight for those, and egg withdrawal is recommended to be 10-14 days following dose.

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