Safe-Guard Equine Wormer (Fenbendazole) dosage for treatment of worms?


Mar 13, 2015
Long Island, NY
Pretty sure my chickens have worms. Probably threadworms since I don't see them in the droppings and I know they're difficult to kill, but I haven't had a fecal float done so I don't know exactly what kind. I have Fenbendazole paste. How much do I give them?

I have large fowl as well as bantams, so I need a dosage for both. Don't really have time to do a fecal float since they are sick and I would like to give it to them today.

For capillary worms or threadworms, 1/4 ml for bantams, and 1/4 ml per pound of fenbendazole for regular sized hens given orally for 5 days in a row will work. Threadworm is harder to treat than roundworm.

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