Safe Layer Feed?

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    Hi, I am just wondering what the best feed is for laying hens when it comes to a human health standpoint (Not necessarily egg production wise)? Currently I feed Layena, but am a little bit concerned about what's in it. I've been reading up on animal product claims from and it made me wonder what I'm feeding. For one, Purina claims the feed is "Animal protein and fat free" but that doesn't tell me that it's free of all animal products, such as gelatin coated vitamins. I'm also curious to know what other secrets may be hidden behind the feed tag.

    It just bugs me how many little ways companies can trick you. I just want to have the healthiest eggs possible. My chickens are free range all summer, but only free-run in the winter due to the climate (heavy snow). I have no choice but to use some sort of feed. Also, locally I only have access to a Co-op country store and Purina dealer for feeds.
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    Quote:+1 on the organic feed. I feed organic layer pellets for treats and they love them.
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    I just want to have the healthiest eggs possible.

    Logically, I'd think first about having the healthiest hens possible and the healthiest eggs will follow. To me, that would mean having a feed with animal protein still in it or you'd have to be sure they could free range on good land with healthy forage available. JMHO. If they free range, even if you had to give them vegetarian feed, they would be eating whatever bugs, snakes, lizards, mice and frogs they could catch, hence getting the good animal protein for the best health of the omnivore they are, a diet fitting their natural physiology. Hens whose nutritional needs are met for daily production of eggs would produce the healthiest eggs, it would seem to me, organic or not.​

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