SALE on Chicks BLUES! Blue Copper Marans, Blue Wyandottes and MORE!


8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Valley City, OH
Want a flock of beautiful "blues"? Chicks are $10/e marked down from $15/each and unsexed the minimum to ship in State of Ohio is 6 chicks. Shipping is $45 via USPS Express. Healthy and robust! NPIP & AI Monitored vaccinated for Mareks! Excellent Layers and beautiful coloring!

Hatched 9/25 9 Blue Wyandottes, 1 Blue Copper Maran, 3 Blue Orpingtons. 9/15 6 Blue Orpingtons, 5 Blue Copper Marans, 9/9 4 Blue Copper Marans, 9/6 6 Blue Ameraucanas, 8/29 7 Blue Copper Marans also hatched (BBS Blue doesn't breed true in poultry so the Blue/Black/Splash are the possibilities you can receive - no specifying colors) Mix and Match Quantities!

We also have Barred Cochins, Welsummers, French Black Copper Maran chicks, Gold Laced Wyandottes, Light Sussex, Coronation Sussex, Mottled Cochin Bantams

We are a small family owned farm in NE Ohio that focuses on rare and heritage poultry. We purchased only the best of the best stock from around the country. We have many different breeds available. We don't sell run of the mill chickens that you can pickup at TSC. These are rare and heritage breeds that will lay great for you and be eye candy for your coop!

We also offer Hatching Eggs! We accept PayPal. Check out our website at Check out our FB page at: and you can find us on Backyard Chickens of course :)

Jill Besida
Sunnyside Up Micro-Farm
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Hey fellow ohioan just wondering what bigger town you are near. I am 20min south of Youngstown and would be driving not having them shipped. Is the minimum still 6 for pickup? And how dark are your black copper maran eggs on the maran egg scale of darkness?
Our Maran eggs are 6/7. You can pickup up as few or many as you want (min only for shipping for State of Ohio). We are located on Grafton Rd in Valley City (near Medina, Strongsville and Brunswick)
Please e-mail me what you have. I would like to purchase 15 birds---blue egg layers, bantam cochins, and bantam buff brahma. Others also. I would like to get these before cold weather sets [email protected] or 715-742-3254 I live in Northern Wisconsin. Thanks!!

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