Salmon Faverolles from a hatchery

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  1. I have read all kinds of information about Salmon Faverolles and hatchery birds vs breeders. I ordered 2 for my flock from MPC and I am getting a little nervous. I may cancel them from my order. I am on the fence.

    What are your experiences from a hatchery with this particular breed?

    Can anyone share photos of their Faverolles? where did they come from?

    I want the light colored Faverolle and I here hatchery stock is very dark or mahogany in color.

    Any thoughts out there?
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    You probably would want to get salmon (it's the most common color you can get so it's easy to find) if you can I would find a breeder instead of a hatchery because chances are they won't be entirely Faverolle.
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    MPC takes orders from customers and they are forwarded to Meyer hatchery. So actually you will be getting birds from Meyer hatchery. There's nothing wrong with that and there's other hatcheries that do the same thing. I've ordered chicks from MPC and directly from Meyer hatchery without any problems. As a matter of fact, years ago I ordered a minimum order of 3 Salmon Faverolle chicks from Meyer hatchery; 2 pullets and one cockeral. The hens were beautiful... gentle, soft and fluffy looking, and looked like the hen in the pic below (not my hen in the pic.) The Salmon Faverolle rooster had crooked toes on one foot, which I believe was a genetic defect. The rooster was as mean as a snake and didnt hesitate to flog me on sight. I ended up donating him to the local feed store. This is contrary from what I've read about Salmon Faverolle roosters. I kept the two hens for about 8 or 9 months and swapped them off to another BYC member for a JG rooster.
    I dont believe you'll have any problems with the Salmon Faverolle chicks you ordered from MPC. I recommend that you dont mix them with other breeds, they will end up at the bottom of the pecking order. Good luck with whatever decision you make.
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    I had 2 hens and a rooster from Meyer hatchery several years ago. They were very docile, the lowest in the pecking order, and the hens were darker colored. I later ordered hatching eggs from someone on the Faverolles thread, and they were the correct color. They are not the best layers, but very gentle. They can be bullied by other chickens.
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    Dont worry about, everything is fine.
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    Some of the hatchery stock is indeed darker in color, but not all. Last year I had to get a few hatchery Favs to keep a singleton chick (from my breeder Faverolles) company so I was able to do a comparison. In general the hatchery birds were not bad, definitely better than what I have seen in past years. They were certainly a lot smaller than my breeder birds and a couple were on the darker side. They did have respectable muffs, beards and toes, and all had that nice Faverolles personality. The kids kept 2 for pets. I am not positive but I think they may have come from Meyer.
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