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Jun 8, 2009
Hi everyone! I'm a newbie to raising fowl, just trying to get some information from some experienced and successful chicken people.

We purchased 10 guinea keets a few days ago, and boy, are they growing! We're putting together a pen (with a wire top) for them, so that we can let them spend time outdoors as soon as they're old enough. For the time being, we have them in our version of a brooder--a big, clear plastic tub (they sure enjoy looking at their reflections in the sides!).

We need a chicken coop or maybe a chicken tractor, but don't want to have to build it ourselves, for lack of time. The sites I've visited that offer coops are VERY expensive! Does anyone know of any place(s) where we can obtain either very inexpensive kits or extremely easy/quick plans to build our own? (I love my hubby, but he's NOT a carpenter!)

Also, would appreciate just a bit of advice with regard to helping runts thrive? We have two, and while they're holding their own for now, I've seen the bigger keets push them out of the way to get to the food. At present, we've been separating the runts a couple of times a day, to ensure that they get a little extra food. But, is that enough, or should we separate them entirely? (We've noticed a benefit from handling them more than the others--they're becoming quite tame, and love our company!)

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and advice!
from PA! We built our own coop because the ready ones were expensive and too small. Why not try buying a shed or something similar and converting that into a coop. Predator proof is key, so be sure to pay attention to security. Good luck to you!
from North Carolina!

When you take the runts out give them some sugar water. That should boost them a bit. If you see any sign of being picked on, move them to their own brooder. Good luck!

You can also get some Poly-vi-sol vitamins (without Iron) and put that in their water. Three drops should do it!
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