Sand for the run?

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Mar 28, 2009
Northern Califonia
Our sweet little chicks arrived yesterday and are happily sleeping, peeping, and pooping in their brooder. DH is out in the yard; the coop is done and now he is digging out the perimeter of the run to bury the hardware cloth to keep critters from getting to our chickens when they are big enough to move outside.

I have read that sand in the run is THE way to keep things clean for the chickens. I am wondering is all sand created equal when it comes to chickens? The construction yard has a choice of washed and unwashed by the yard. Does it matter? Is there a type of sand to avoid? Please let us know!

Thank you!
I use sand! it's much MUCH cleaner.. keeps down smell and moisture. I love it
I'm thinking about adding some 4x4s around the perimeter of the run (i've got plenty of old lumber) and adding a layer of sand to help with drainage.

Has anyone else done this?
I lined the base of my run with 2 x 10's and filled with gravel and then sand. You can see pics of what I did on my BYC page. I used construction sand because that's all I could get at the time. I do know some people here have used playground sand that you buy in bags from Home Depot or Lowes. I don't think it really matters what kind you use.

I can't comment on how it works yet because the chicks are still in their brooder on my porch, but from what I have read here, most everyone who uses it likes it.
fine road base will also work. it is like fine, gray grit dust with a few larger pieces of grit and gravel all mixed together. You can top that off with the playsand from time to time to keep it nice.
I used sand b/c the dirt bottom was getting awful and after it poured, it was a muddy mess. But I only put sand in where I walked. a third of our run is sand.... it's great!

At first our chicks tried to eat it, but then realized it wasn't food....

we used construction sand too, what ever is the cheapest is how we went.

i also had to have hubby built a feeder with a roof, we were losing money with the other feeder. so, now everyone's happy.

Six to twelve inches of construction sand is the best way to go because you'll never have to worry about their getting enough grit. Spread a thin layer of food-grade diatomaceous earth a couple times a month. Daily throw in a handful of birdseed; doing that, the chickens will scratch to get every morsel, in turn keeping everything covered with sand.
See my BYC Page under my picture for ideas that you might like.

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