1. eellsworth

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    May 4, 2011
    We just bought a house that had an old coop out back (built probably around 1910 or so). It used to house pigeons, but we're putting our chickens in it. Currently, it just has a cement floor with some wood shavings that I've thrown down for the chickens. But, I'm wondering if sand wouldn't be a more economical idea. The coop is probably just under 90 square feet. Is sand a good option?
  2. teach1rusl

    teach1rusl Love My Chickens

    Are you talking in the housing part of the coop or the run??? I love sand for the run, because it's so easy to clean. But I use wood chip bedding in the housing because we get cold weather in my area, and sand tends to retain the cold - the bedding seems to insulate a bit. Not knowing what region/state you live in, I'd be hesitant to make a recommendation of sand indoors.
    Using dropping boards under your roosts will go far in keeping the bedding clean (again - if you're talking the coop housing). I have dropping boards inside both my coops, and can't imagine how messing the bedding would get if I didn't use them.
    Here's an example of a dropping board:
  3. omegorchards

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    I prefer to use sawdust for my bedding. The sawdust is a great source of carbon that will eliminate the ammonia in the birds' droppings. It is also cheap and once a year I use it for compost. I use the "deep litter" technique. I also use sawdust in my run at 18 inches deep. I live in Oregon and can get sawdust (fir mostly) for really cheap or free if I pick it up from the local saw mills.

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