Sand in my coop.

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    Dec 30, 2016
    So i've read alot about putting sand in the coop and i think i'm going that route. Those of you that do it can you suggest a good type of sand to use? and it does not rain a whole lot in San Diego but it is this time of year. We are going to get about 2 inches starting tomorrow. If i had sand does it dry up pretty fast? i threw a pic of what i'm working with. the pine shavings are getting a little old to maintain.. looking for something a little easier! [​IMG]
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    I use sand in my run, and it works well, but does require some maintenance. You can rake it to get the poop off, and use it as fertilizer in your gardens. I have ducks as well as chickens, and they tend to step in it and pack it down, so every couple of months I scrape off the hard dried layer of poop off the top, and put it in my gardens. Once a year I bring in a yard of new sand to top off what I have removed.

    You want course sand. River sand is perfect if you can find it. Fine sand will not drain as well. Good luck!
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    I have a large sandbox in our coop.....

    Look up "Sand Dipper Jr." on That thing is so useful for cleaning.

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