Sand on the floor of the run


5 Years
Apr 28, 2014
So my plan for my coop is to have it enclosed inside a big run that I will be building, with the back of the coop with the cleaning door attached to a side of the run with a hole cut in the hardware cloth for easy access. The run will be about 15-20 feet long by 10-11 feet wide. What I want to know is what I should do with the floor of the run? What I planned is to leave most the run with just the grass so the chicks have greens and dirt to pick at without me having to "free-range" and take them out, while also maintaining a space on one end of the run under the coop with sand and with the water and feed. Does this make sense, and is it ideal? Thanks for any suggestions.

Baileys Birds

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6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
Western Maryland
All the grass will be gone within 30 to 60 days, so it is best to have your next step planned and ready to implement for the inevitable day when your beautiful run has turned into a muddy mess (or a dust bowl). Sand works well, but my preference is stone dust - easy to maintain, drains well, cleans easily by hosing it down and raking it. The ladies love it.
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