Sand vs pine shavings in coop??

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    Our coop is almost complete. We built the roost with a poop board below which we plan to fill w/sand so we can scoop poop out daily. If we use sand in coop, won't need poop board. Noticed some use sand in coop and others DLM w/pine shavings. Does anyone have pros/cons to share on which method works better for your setup? thanks...[​IMG]

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    I think it depends on your time and how many chickens you have. We have over 70 spread over five coops now and willing adding at least two coops and 70+/- chickens this coming spring. The best thing about the Deep Litter Method is not having to clean or scoop daily. Clean the poop board once a week or as needed. Add litter once a month or so, clean the coop once a year. Works for us since we both work and don't have the time to clean five coops daily. Wouldn't do it any differently.

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