'Sandwiching' wire??

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    Apr 14, 2007
    We are working on the run, which is completely covered in chain link fencing. I find that when we sandwich the hardware cloth and chain linking between the 1"x 6" boards they are not 'flush', the wires hold the boards off a little because of their thickness. This is where the 'weak links' (where the fencing is joined together-new rolls etc) occur...Is this going to cause predator problems?? Thank you
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    I really don't know exactely but I would try to close all big gabs and I don't knowif you have ( weazels) around you or not but our neiboughr warn me from them and he said they can go through any hole bigger that 1".
    I am not tring to scare you, but I would use small poultery mech wire around the bottom of he fence.
    good Luck.
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    I'm not quite sure whether I understand the question but since you have not yet gotten many other replies I will take a crack at it [​IMG]

    What you really need is to hve each layer of wire (the hardwarecloth, and the chainlink) FIRMLY attached to ONE layer of board. Then the other board, if you are sandwiching, is just there for insurance. Where you have an end-to-end join of pieces, sew them firmly together with reasonably heavy gauge wire (and in the case of chainlink, give each one its own stretcher bar which you affix FIRMLY to a piece of post or post substitute, there, too). If you are doing edge joins, like running one length of chainlink above another to make a higher wall or to make a roof, sew them firmly together with reasonably heavy gauge wire and then also staple them well to a reinforcing piece of wood.

    Sandwiching is certainly not *bad* - it will make things stronger - but it is just reinforcement, not basic attachment structure, make sense?

    Dunno whether this helps, but good luck,

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    Nov 18, 2007
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    Dixiedoodle, can you post any pictures? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Apr 14, 2007
    Thank you for your answers.

    You are right--after I thought about it-- we do have it secured with very large fence staples and with large screws attaching the boards together and this will just keep the larger critters from pulling out the staples so easily. Dh is really adding the staples and the screws!! .We have decided to run each 5 foot wide section of chainlink from the ground on one side, up the side, arcoss the top, down the other side and out on the ground almost two feet (two ft will be buried on each side to hopefully prevent digging thru..

    Yes, I will learn to post pictures as soon as my dd returns my camera--she keeps 'forgetting' to bring it back! ! LOL

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