Saramas. Need advised on which incubator to get. not too small or big

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  1. Because the hatcheries do not supply people with day old chicks and the adult pairs are very expensive. We have once again decided to
    hatch out a few saramas. Last year we got 12 eggs and only 3 chicks were viable.

    We were using the LG incubator and wish to get a much better one.
    I will use this old one as a brooder for the saramas, the turner shot craps.

    I do not need a big one, but I do not wish to be stuck with a small one. The LG was just about the right size, but unreliable.

    Hope you can help out or know some one who is selling theirs off.

    Humidity is the most important thing with the saramas apparently.


  2. idahodebra

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    Dec 14, 2008
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    The Genesis 1588. It's even what Jerry, the Serama importer uses to incubate. Plus they have good resale value when you're done with it.
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    I will put some seramas in on saturday , i got a GQF 1602N. I think i might get some pheasant hatching trays if they have them for a hovabator, those look perfect for bantam eggs.

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