Sardines for protein???

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    Just wondering, I know chickens need protein and eat grasshoppers and other insects but does anyone know if its ok to throw the girls a can of sardines once a week???[​IMG]Lots of protein in fish.
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    Its ok to feed fish. The general rule is humans can eat it chickens can.
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    Im not sure giving them canned sardines would do more than make them poop extra better.

    It is always best to rely on a good ration-style feed with certain supplementals, on a PLANNED basis.
    Just tossing them random "stuff" isn't going to hurt them (probably), but it isn't sure to benefit them either.
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    It is okay. I feed extra protein during breeding season at a rate of about 1/2 ounce per chicken every other day or so. Benefits: bigger eggs, better hatch rate, more eggs to hatch. There's plenty of literature to prove it if you are inclined to search it out. I save the sardines for myself when it's not breeding season ... way too expensive for chickens the rest of the year. In fact, I tend to lean toward feeding half a can of mackerel since it's usually cheaper.

    Edited for clarity: The chickens here, though, also have a feeder of laying mash and one of whole grain to serve themselves from in addition to the protein (sometimes sardines) they get during breeding season and free range grass and forbs.
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