Saved My Prized Chicken From a Hawk Attack!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by chickenchaser10, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Mar 31, 2015
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    I had a very scary moment over the weekend with my flock. Let them out for alittle free ranging because it was nice ouside and I could hang out and enjoy the weather and foraging. Within 10 minutes, as the birds were taking to there favorite tree, a Cooper's hawk swoops down right next me and starts thrashing Gladys, my ayam cemani!! I instantly panic of course and within 10 seconds, had the hawk in my hands! I yet again panic because of the hawk's wings and talons flailing around, causing me to release the beast. It flew to a nearby tree, thankfully empty "handed."
    I managed to heard my panicked flock into there cage as the hawk watched on. I used a dead tree branch to reach at and threaten the hawk to show I meant business. However, Gladys and her best friend, blue -mottled Cochin, Gertrude, were missing. [​IMG] After some searching I found the battered Gladys buried deep in the thickets were the hawk released her. Her tiny all black body was just laying there I thought she was dead. Thankfully when trying to pick her up I heard her cry out alittle. And resist. But she was okay! Just panicked. I quickly checked for blood but no sign. She did lose 3 or 4 deep wing feathers though and slightly favors it. I found Gertrude 5 min later playing dead in a pile of leaves. Thankfully unharmed. I still can't believe this happened! And right in front of me. Another 10 seconds and I think my prized chicken would be toast. [​IMG] anyways, Hawks suck. Has anyone else witnessed a Hawk attack first-hand?
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    May 8, 2015
    Wow! You are very brave to rescue you hen like that. I've never had an issue like that. Just sneaky fox.
  3. I have. Their brazenness is astounding! Had one bum-rush one of my Leghorns and bowl it over! Just glad my arm-waving and yelling frightened it off. Now my guard-Pekin duck lets the rest of my flock know when danger is near, and everybody runs for cover! I've lost three of my free-range hens to a pair of hawks who think my flock is an open smorgasbord. Mr. and Mrs Hawk fly over daily, but as long as the Dog is on duty and my faithful duck sounds the alarm, they just fly over to another farm. I don't want to shoot them, as they do so much good with pests, but I wish they had a different taste than chicken!

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