SC Rooster is better but have new symptoms that I need advice on...

Debra m

In the Brooder
Dec 5, 2020
Hi Chicken neighbors!

So, Jefferson is much better the Corid worked... eating a lot and drinking well on his own; walking again. 7 day treatment for the flock and now on day 3 of Vitamin B water. BUT he is so hoarse he cannot crow, sneezing, churpping(like when something is the craw) and breathing with his mouth open, like he cannot get enough air thru his nose.

It got cold here (near Charleston SC) so we also installed a radiant heat pad in the coop for them to take the chill off at night. Should I bring him back in the barn were it is much warmer?

Any advice?
It sounds like he has a respiratory illness going on. I have used doxycycline to successfully treat congested chickens. Tylan can also be used to treat chickens with respiratory problems. Chickens do not get colds,they get respiratory diseases. Do not be suprised if you see the same symptoms develop in the rest of your flock.

I would go ahead and move him to a warmer location.

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