Scared little chicks


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Hi I have a question. I have recently bought three chicks. They are about a week to two weeks old. Each time I go to clean their enclosure, or try to hold them they get more and more scared each time. I know you have to get them used to human touch, but they continue to get more and more scared. Any suggestions?
It might take them a while to get use to you. You could offer little treats. You could also just sit in their coop or run and let them move around you, dont reach for them or move around a lot, just sit and enjoy them. I think sometimes it depends on the type of chicken also, some breeds just seem more skittish than others.
Think about it- all of chicken's predators come from above them to get them. They are naturally scared of anything that reaches down to get them. As chicks, there's really not anything you can do about it. They're never going to get used to you reaching in the brooder. As they grow and perch on things, you can reach slowly towards their breast area and they don't freak quite as much. But honestly, the fear of anything coming from above is so ingrained into them that's there's not a lot you can do to change it. Just move slowly and quietly.
Thanks so much!!

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