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    For the past 2 weeks one of my chickens, Jacob, has been giving me a lot of trouble when it comes to getting him out of the coop to go in the run. It used to be that both he and Claudie would sit in the front of the coop so I could lift them both out every morning and put them in the run. Claudie is still like this, but all of a sudden Jacob runs to the back of the coop where I can't reach him. I can't get him to come to me for regular food, and I can just barely get him to come with worms. Anyone have any idea why he might be doing this, or ways to make him go back to normal?

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    Nov 10, 2010
    What is your set-up like?
    Is the food and water outside or in the coop? If the food is outside, wouldn't he eventually go out to eat?
    Can't you just prop open the door and let him go outside whenever he wants?
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    Quote:They live in the coop and the run is under the coop for now (their normal run broke), I feed them in the run but I move their waterer wherever they go so they don't get dehydrated and I usually give them half a handful at night in the coop. At present, I can't just leave the door open because the dog will get them, if it weren't for that they would just have free range of the yard. I do plan on fencing everything in that way they can come and go as they please, but I have so much other stuff to save up for right now that it's going to have to wait a while.
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