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  1. This may seem like a stupid question, but as someone famous once said: "the only stupid question is an unasked one", I suppose I'll go for it~ What I want to know is how strong a chicken's (in this case a Silkie roo's) parental "attachment" is; not an attachment from parent-to-chick, but rather the attachment from formerchick-to-parent?

    My Silkie roo (about 3 to 4 months old) is a "house-chicken", and late last night my sister and I were sitting on the floor with him. For some strange reason "Blackie" seems to hate my sister, pecking her aggressively and even rushing towards her. So I instructed her (using BYC~) how to pick him up and assert her 'dominance' so that he'll quit doing that.

    As soon she set him back on the floor, he rushed towards me, jumped in my lap, and laid down like a house-cat, where he lay and subsequently fell asleep while I petted him. My sister scolded me for reinforcing 'bad' behavior (i.e. him attacking her), but is that even possible? My mother suggested his actions after the forced submit were because he had been scared, and since I hand-raised him, he ran to be comforted by his 'mother'.

    So how about it? Does my big manly roo (hah!) still see me as his mother, and ran to be comforted by me after he got scared?

    Oh, and just because I'm curious, are Silkie's allowed to have "hard" feathers? 'cause Blackie's got a few "regular-chicken-feathers" on his wings, but the 5-toes, black skin, and other Silkie requirements...


    Thanks in advance! And sorry for the ramblings~

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    Jun 13, 2008
    He's a 'house chicken'? How do you deal with the poop?
  3. As quickly as I can~ I'm hoping to buy him a "chicken-diaper" in the near future, but for right now I clean it up as I see it, and thank my stars that I have such an understanding mum!

    A little poop never hurt anyone I say~
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  5. 1Speckled Hen w/Chicks

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    Jun 7, 2008
    I too have a Silkie Roo and I just LOVE him!!---I am looking for a girl-friend for him but havent had alot fo luck yet!

    I cant imagine having a house chicken--(my husband would kill me for sure-as he thinks I am already nuts about my chickens anyway!!)

    I have seen diapers on the BYC threads. with (pads put in them) for xtra security measures!

    As far as the Roo rushing at your sister--it may be thinking it is protecting you also--I believe that it could think of you as its mother, its mate, or protector and wanted to protect you in the process.

    If they feel threatened, or want attention mine tend to do this too..

    I guess you will need to try some different things if it starts to get worse about this behavior as it gets older.

    TC & Good luck with your Silkie!!
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    My four nuggets still live in the house.....
  7. 1Speckled Hen w/Chicks

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    Jun 7, 2008
    Oh-I forgot to mention his wing feathers in my other answering post--
    My Silkie Roo (named Sugar- Daddy (by the way!) also has a few little hard type Twistie-type feathers on his wings..
    When I research and look at others in picts-they do too.....

    This is our First Silkie....and like I said before--we just love him!!

    He is solid white, has his black skin & black w/slight mulberry tint to his waddles ;
    his comb is all black...
  8. ivan3

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    Jan 27, 2007
    You hand raised him (there's imprinting to consider). I would guess you feed him the most and spend the most time with him. He sleeps in your lap because he feels secure.

    I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the potential for injury (sister/any other family member he considers less than submissive), particularly the eyes (sitting on floor - very large target area for even a little roo).
  9. seminolewind

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    My silkies have harder feathers on their wings, like real feathers.
    Your silkie is protecting you from predators, LOL, like your sister. Lucky, he likes you. That may change as he has a hormonal surge. Mine attacted my feet for the longest time, then I did the modification training, and he got nice again. It's basically preventing him from doing anything without your permission when you are around; drinking, eating, pecking, follow him around and keep him walking with a gentle shoosh from your foot.
  10. Chicabee19

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    Aug 8, 2008
    newbie advice: you might be able to train him to be nicer to your sister, for her protection.

    Make her the one he has to accept comfort and food from for a while. Every time he comes to you, hand him to her. Let her hold his food in her hand instead of you. Let him sleep next to her bed in a cage, sit with her to watch tv, and so on...

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