Scaring someone who "won't ever be scared".....

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    Feb 9, 2012
    My cousin ALWAYS scares me, even when he's not trying! ALL THE TIME!!! Every time I try to get him, he hears me, or something like my dogs gives it away... NOT TOMORROW... I am getting up waaaaaaay before him and going around the house to his trailer (he can't hear me if I go around the front, the back gate by his trailer is noisy...) and I'm just going to sit there on the ground and wait...
    He hears NOTHING when he is asleep... He told me I "will NEVER get him" so I'm going to record every time I try so when I do, (and I will) he can't deny it! I will have proof! He told me I will truly be a ninja if I can scare him, and WHEN I get him, (not "if") I'm going to make him call me "Elysia the ninja" for the whole day, lol! I know, I sound so stupid right now, but we are always picking on each other and messing with each other, and everything's a competition... Lol, I will put a video when I get him!

    Commence Operation "Get Kaylon" is a-go!

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