Scarlet Morning Glory in Peacock Garden

old biddy

12 Years
Sep 30, 2010
Lamont, Florida
I am expanding my peacock aviary and have a beautiful area full of wild grasses and plants that will be incorporated into the pen area. There is scarlet morning glory growing wild near some black bamboo. Some peafowl and chickens and guinea fowl already free range in that area. I have read that the scarlet morning glory is toxic to birds. I have not seen any sign of toxicity in any of my birds and so I assume they know not to eat it. HOWEVER, I have several peafowl that have never free ranged before and are used to eating just what I feed them. I am wondering if they too will naturally avoid eating toxic plants even though they never had their mother peahen to teach them. Any thoughts on this?
I don't have peas, or guineas, or scarlet morning glory, but I do have chickens, ducks & tons of blue morning glory. The blue morning glory has taken over the property line. I see my birds in it all the time, but have never seen them try to eat it.

Its possible peas & guineas are more susceptible to toxicity.:idunno I definitely keep the morning glory from growing onto the catio for this exact reason.

Your yard sounds beautiful! I would love to see pictures.

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