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Tony Cordova

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Jun 11, 2017
We have recently acquired 3 new chicks from my daughters school. Not sure what kind they are. We are new to this process, but they seem to be doing just fine. They are 4 days old to this point and growing rapidly. My question is...can we let then out of the container to roam around a bit, or do they need to be in their container under heat lamp the whole time. If so at whatnpoint can we transition them out of the controlled environment
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The heat source in a brooder should only provide warmth to a limited area. The rest of the brooder should be "room temperature". If you have ever seen chicks with momma hens, they will spend most of the day outdoors with her, and only run under her for warmth for a few minutes at a time, to warm up. At such a young age, I'd be inclined to keep them in the brooder so they can access the heat source when needed.

This link may help -

Any questions that you may have regarding your chicks will be best posted here -

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Please don't rush them to grow up- people are pushing them out earlier than ever because they don't want the brooder in the house, etc.
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Have you built a secure coop yet for them?
Keep an eye out for cocci symptoms.

Good luck with your new chicks. They grow so quickly, enjoy them while they are little!
My chicks were going outside, though with me supervising them, ever since they hatched, though they had a brooder in the house for when it got too cold and such and they sleep in it. I used my night gown to keep the chicks warm during the few minute warm-up time, they ran up and hopped onto my lap and I wrapped them up, they snuggled for a minute and then they wanted to escape and continue foraging. I knew when the temp outside was getting too cold or if the chicks were too tired and wanted to return to the brooder when they remained in my night gown or/and fell asleep.

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