Scraggly 7 week old Easter Egger still not feathered...

Edie Catto

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Oct 5, 2020
Hello folks! I got a batch of 10 adorable Easter Egger chicks from My Pet Chicken that hatched on September 28. One chick was smaller and struggled for the first couple of weeks. At about 3 weeks Camilla got her groove back but was never accepted back into the group. Fortunately I had ordered to partridge olive egger chicks as well and those gentle souls and my bossy girl have formed their own mini flock. My concern is that Camilla is not feathering well. She is significantly smaller in stature than the other chicks from the same hatch but I find that less concerning since she is eating well, has good muscle tone and feels to be in good body condition. All of my youngsters get pre and probiotics. I am feeding Dumor 20% starter feed as well as providing fresh veggies and live meal worms as special treats. The pictures below show Camilla with a couple of the chicks she hatched with for comparison.

The first shot is just Camilla so you can see how bright and alert she looks. The next photo is with Cressida who is the average size and feather stage as all of the other chicks.

Since it is obvious I have these guys in my house for these photos I feel the need to explain that some of these chicks with be trained to be part of the humane education and therapy programs that our farm sanctuary offers to the public. I get to know all the chicks and learn which ones have the personality to enjoy training and new experiences. Hence, we do training sessions in the house. And our chicks who are not cut out for show biz have a great life being chickens and laying eggs on the farm.


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