Scratch...With or without laying feed?

Thank you Rock Home Isle!!! I am new to raising chickens so this is all a learning process!!!!

Isn't this a fun hobby, though?

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All of the above will work. I like to give it as a snack. I only give it in the winter to help keep them warm.

They can use it as an additional energy source, especially when temperature is low. Be careful with this approach when using a typical layer feed as such diets are formulated to provide as little protein as practical when the feed is the only nutritional source without compromising egg production. The problem you can run into is that consuming too much scratch grains can dilute the intake of nutrients the scratch grains are low in (i.e. protein, vitamins, minerals).
I throw my hens a little each day on my sandy soil. They then get some grit along with the high carb snack. I use oats, sunflower seed and song bird seed most often.
I do not mix it with feed or give free choice, because chickens will eat the scratch grains before the layers feed. They should eat 90% feed to get the vitamins and minerals added to feed. They don't add supplements to scratch. I give my 5 hens 3/4 cup of 50/50 mix of scratch and layers feed twice a day scattered on the ground. GC

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